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Journal Ratsionalnaya farmakoterapiya:

scientific-practical journal for doctors and other healthcare professionals who are interested in issues of rational use of medicine based on their efficiency, safety and availability.

The aim of the journal is:

to provide objective and evidence-based information about medicines, pharmacotherapy of different diseases, use of drugs in special patient groups, and other important information regarding rational use of medicines.

The journal was founded
in 2006
4 issues per year
Total circulation
10 000
Ukrainian, Russian
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Igor Ivanchenko
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Tetiana Artunina
Certificate of registration
КВ №11388-261Р dated 23.06.2006

Editor can publish materials without sharing the views of the author. Authors are responsible for the accuracy of the facts, quotes, names and other information. The editor reserves the right to edit and shorten provided articles.

Publications marked with «P» are published as advertisements. The mark «P» is used for advertising materials, which containe information about medical laboratories, medical clinics services, medical equipment etc., as well as about drugs, which are not included in the list of prohibited for advertising drugs.

Materials marked with «I» provide information about drugs and are intended for medical and pharmaceutical professionals.

Legal regulations of information, which is contained in this journal or is provided for distribution at specialized events concerning medical subjects, is defined primarily by the Law of Ukraine of 04.04.1996 No 123/96-VR «On Medicines». Content of advertising and information materials is the sole responsibility of individuals who submit these materials for publication in the journal.

No part of publications may be reprinted or reproduced in any form or by any means without writing permission from the publisher and without reference to the source.

Manuscripts will not be returned and will not be reviewed.

The idea of this journal belongs to
professor Oleksii Pavlovych Viktorov (03.05.1945 – 28.04.2011)
and professor Volodymyr Ivanovych Maltsev (09.06.1948 – 23.05.2008)

Rudyk Yurii Stepanovych (Kharkiv)

Scientific consultants:

Matvieieva Olena Valeriivna (Kyiv)
Morozov Anatolii Mykolaiovych (Kyiv)

Editorial board:

Holopykho Larysa Ivanivna (Kyiv)
Dumenko Tetiana Mykhailivna (Kyiv)
Yevko Olha Ivanivna (Kyiv)
Kazymyrko Vitalii Kazymyrovych (Kyiv)
Kovtun Liudmyla Ivanivna (Kyiv)
Koniaieva Olena Ivanivna (Simferopol)
Kramarov Serhii Oleksandrovych (Kyiv)
Lohvina Iryna Oleksandrivna (Kyiv)
Luk'ianchuk Viktor Dmytrovych (Kyiv)
Posokhova Kateryna Andriivna (Ternopil)

Editorial council:

Babak Oleh Yakovych (Kharkiv)
Bielousov Yurii Borysovych (Moskva)
Bilovol Oleksandr Mykolaiovych (Kharkiv)
Voitenko Heorhii Mykolaiovych (Kyiv)
Horovenko Nataliia Hryhorivna (Kyiv)
Horchakova Nadiia Oleksandrivna (Kyiv)
Dmytriiev Viktor Oleksandrovych (Moskva)
Drannik Heorhii Mykolaiovych (Kyiv)
Drohovoz Svitlana Mefodiivna (Kharkiv)
Zimenkovskyi Andrii Borysovych (Lviv)
Zupanets Ihor Albertovych (Kharkiv)
Ishmukhametov Aidar Airatovych (Moskva)
Kovalenko Volodymyr Mykolaiovych (Kyiv)
Kolesnyk Mykola Oleksiiovych (Kyiv)
Korpachev Vadym Valeriiovych (Kyiv)
Kravchun Nonna Oleksandrivna (Kharkiv)
Lepakhin Volodymyr Kostiantynovych (Moskva)
Naprieienko Oleksandr Kostiantynovych (Kyiv)
Piniazhko Oleh Romanovych (Lviv)
Povorozniuk Vladyslav Volodymyrovych (Kyiv)
Pukhlyk Borys Mykhailovych (Vinnytsia)
Trakhtenberh Isaak Mykhailovych (Kyiv)
Chekman Ivan Serhiiovych (Kyiv)
Chernykh Valentyn Petrovych (Kharkiv)
Managing editor
Natalia Tkachenko
Medical Editor
Natalia Kupko
Literary editor / proofreader
Kateryna Sprohis
Alla Kalugina
Svetlitskogo str., 35, Kiev, 04123
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